Truancy Collaborative Working Group

The Truancy Collaborative Working group is made up of individuals from Santa Fe Public schools and their community partners whoa re dedicated in turning the curve and SFPS attendance by supporting and incentivizing students, teachers, and families.

Outcome Area: K-12 Success and Youth Resiliency

  • Attendance
  • Graduation Rates


The mission of the Truancy Collaborative Working Group (TCWG) is to provide a continuum of events, meetings and resources in which all collaborators have an open forum to share, discuss progress and direct initiatives in order to better our community by increasing attendance and graduation rates as well as assisting in the prevention of and decreasing the amount of disconnected/disengaged youth. TCWG intends to support and expand on its mentorship and leadership opportunities, education and wraparound supportive measures to keep our youth engaged in school and positively in the community. 

Lead Convener: Santa Fe Public Schools


Crystal Ybarra,