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Stories with Math

OSF Team/ February 28, 2020/ K-12 Education

Remember elementary school math? How you slogged through the times table, struggled with story problems and generally dreaded the whole thing? Since the beginning of MathAmigos, its members who focused their professional lives in math, remembered that experience and asked themselves: “Why shouldn’t kids love math?” Members of MathAmigos know that math can be fun, interesting and exciting.  But, how

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MathAmigos Inspiring Teachers

OSF Team/ October 31, 2018/ K-12 Education

by Penny Holcomb, AmeriCorps VISTA | October 31, 2018 On Saturday, October 20, MathAmigos hosted a day-long workshop for 27 teachers from the five Airport Road corridor schools: Sweeney Elementary, El Camino Real Academy, Cesar Chavez Elementary, Ramirez Thomas Elementary, and Nina Otero Community School. The collaborative working group’s goal was to empower teachers to inspire their students to love math.

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MathAmigos’ First Math Teacher Workshop

OSF Team/ February 7, 2018/ K-12 Education

Jennifer Barreto, AmeriCorpsVISTA |  February 7, 2018 The MathAmigos Workshop was a hit amongst earnest teachers, who brought along their curiosities and an air of enthusiasm for the opportunity to explore innovative curriculum. After an introduction to the team, and an overview of the day, teachers swiftly transitioned to their first session. James Taylor started his seminar with hands-on participation,

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