Strength in Numbers

March/April 2018

Scot Pipkin from Audubon New Mexico trains teachers from Santa Fe and Española on the Santa Fe ecosystem so they can provide hands-on project-based learning for the 21st Century Community Learning Center sites.

Source: Museum Magazine

March/April Edition

On a warm morning in August 2017, more than 150 teachers returned to their northern New Mexico classrooms with the training and resources they needed to implement eight weeks of after-school programming in topics as varied as computer coding, healthy cooking, the history of trade in New Mexico, and using observation to explore the worlds of art and science.

This hands-on training, which provided lessons and materials, occurred through a unique partnership between the Santa Fe Community Educators Network (SFCEN) and 21 Santa Fe and Española public elementary and middle schools—and represents just one of the ongoing projects SFCEN has undertaken in its first four years. SFCEN is a diverse working group made up of more than 40 nonprofit organizations and state museums dedicated to meeting the educational demands of the region.

Across the country, education professionals at small nonprofits struggle to collaborate with other organizations. Unfortunately, small organizations are often in direct competition over limited local funding.

In Santa Fe, SFCEN serves as a counterweight to this reality, carving out a space where community educators can come together, learn, share ideas, build on one another’s successes, and innovate in ways that would be impossible on our own. This is the story of how this network formed, how we started working together, and how we continue to grow…

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