The Reading Group

The Reading Group has created a document called 4 Key Investments that makes recommendations for turning the curve on literacy in Santa Fe. They have also launched free book giveaways and a collaborative after school program.

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Outcome Area: K-12 Success and Youth Resiliency

  • Reading Proficiency in 3rd, 8th and 11th grades


The Reading Group was born out of Opportunity Santa Fe, a Summit for Collective Impact, held in April 2017. The first step toward turning the curve on third-grade reading proficiency is to spend a year researching, discussing and planning for collaborative action with a diverse group of committed stakeholders. The group includes experts in the field of reading instruction, such as Literacy Volunteers; May Center for Learning; Reading Quest; Santa Fe School for the Arts & Sciences; the HOSTS program; Santa Fe Public School Leadership (SFPS); key nonprofits such as Match New Mexico, Reel Fathers,Friends of the Santa Fe Libraries; and community activists, artists and educators.


This year, the Reading Group will focus on data collection, information gathering, and collaboration with the objective of developing a community-wide plan to improve third-grade reading proficiency and create a community-wide culture of reading.


Our target goal is to increase the number of Santa Fe third-grade students reading at proficient levels (as measured by PARCC scores
levels 3, 4, 5) to 55% by 2020, an increase of 30%. Our aspirational goal is to see proficiency levels continue to increase by supporting students, teachers and parents in creating and fostering a culture of reading in Santa Fe.

Lead Convener: Santa Fe school for the Arts and Sciences and the May Center for Learning

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