Opportunity Santa Fe Birth to Career is a collective impact initiative at the Santa Fe Community Foundation engaging over two hundred partners for a community where all children and youth thrive

The shared vision for SF B2C is Birth to Career Success for all Santa Fe babies, children, youth and families within our Santa Fe community.

The Cabinet seeks to create a cross-sector collaborative governance that:

  • Ensures that all children enter kindergarten prepared to learn and succeed.
  • Ensures that all children are proficient in reading by 3rd grade.
  • Improves high-school graduation rates and college preparedness.
  • Ensures high-school graduates and disconnected youth have pathways to postsecondary education and workforce training options.
  • Develops and implement educational and workforce training initiatives that supports economic development.
  • Designs, proposes, and recommends alternative policies (both state and local) to meet the intended outcomes of CYFCC.
  • Aligns and seeks appropriate funding through local, state, and national partners.

City of Santa Fe Children & Youth Commission supports the Cabinet as the backbone organization.   Learn more about the Cabinet here.  


The Santa Fe birth to Career Collaboration is a collective impact effort made up of committed leaders and stakeholders dedicated to achieving birth to career success for all Santa Fe children, families, and communities by aligning our strategies, actions, and resources to improve outcomes across the birth to career continuum in Santa Fe County.  

Collaborative Working Groups (CWGs) supported by the SF B2C are groups of cross-sector stakeholders that have come together to plan and execute collective actions aligned with the shared vision of the Santa Fe Birth to Career Collaboration and the Mayor’s Children, Youth and Families Community Cabinet to improve birth to career outcomes for Santa Fe children, youth and families. There are currently 15 collaborative working groups.

The shared vision for SF B2C is Birth to Career Success for all Santa Fe children, families and communities by achieving:  

  • Successful Transitions across the birth to career continuum for all children / students by ensuring readiness, support and completion across stages
  • Wellbeing for vulnerable children and families by providing coordinated, two-generational wraparound support to help them thrive and succeed in school
  • Equity in opportunities for children and families by addressing critical resource gaps in high poverty, high risk schools and communities.

Santa Fe Community Foundation supports the Santa Fe Birth to Career Collaboration as the backbone organization.  Learn more about the Collaborative Working Groups .