Press Release: Opportunity Santa Fe Continues to Improve Children’s Lives Across Birth to Career

September 25, 2018

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Contact: Jamie Aranda
Phone: 505.988.9715 ext 7004

September 25, 2018

SANTA FE, NM Opportunity Santa Fe kicked off the 2018-2019 school year by awarding grants to 15 Collaborative Working Groups (CWGs) with one unifying mission: to improve the lives and key transitions of Santa Fe children from birth until they enter their careers.

Collaborative Working Group grantees include:


Early Childhood Steering Committee

Collaborative Teachers Institute

¡Santa Fe Convive!

The Reading Group

The MathAmigos CWG

Santa Fe Community Educators Network

STAM Scaffold Santa Fe (S³)

Truancy CWG

           Reconnecting Santa Fe Youth

           Campus Connection

           Skill Up Santa Fe


           Mentoring and Tutoring CWG

           Creating a Trauma Informed                           Community

           The Collaboration for Student and             Parent Leadership: Poder                                 Familiar


Collaborative Working Groups are composed of leaders, educators, and community members from numerous nonprofits, Santa Fe Public Schools, Santa Fe Community College, the City of Santa Fe, and the Santa Fe Community Foundation with aims to increase kindergarten readiness, math and reading proficiency, high school graduation, college enrollment, and other major measures of success.

“We’ve been able to see the project scale up and become incredible resources for our community… it’s been exciting to see how its grown over the last few years,” said Julie Sanchez, Program Manager at the City of Santa Fe Youth and Family Services Division, about Opportunity Santa Fe at the Kickoff Event.

Several of these groups have been together for years, while others are beginning to enter their second year or have just formed. Many CWGs create and participate in a range of activates to ensure children and youth have adequate support and increased opportunities and outcomes. These may be events like Math Power Family Night or Community Book Swaps, programming in-school, after school, or during the summer, or the creation and implementation of surveys and focus groups to solicit youth input.

“As a foundation, we work to convene, connect, and facilitate with organizations in Santa Fe and throughout northern New Mexico in order to reach our community’s full capacity-building potential. It is vital to create partnerships like Opportunity Santa Fe because that is truly how we will make a difference in each child’s life and ensure their success from birth to a career,” said William Smith, President and CEO of the Santa Fe Community Foundation.

Opportunity Santa Fe aspires to improve the lives and key transitions of children and youth across Santa Fe, from birth until they enter their careers. The joint collective impact effort is supported by the Santa Fe Community Foundation and the City of Santa Fe.

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