Press Release: Mayor Alan Webber Declares January 2019 National Mentoring Month in Santa Fe, New Mexico

January 18, 2019


Released by Opportunity Santa Fe

January 18, 2019

Santa Fe, New Mexico –

Mayor Alan Webber has declared January 2019 to be National Mentoring Month in Santa Fe, New Mexico in conjunction with MENTOR, a nationwide effort.

The Mayor’s proclamation recognizes the fact that every day, quality mentoring and tutoring programs in the city of Santa Fe connect hundreds of volunteers to our youth and cultivate relationships that provide crucial support and guidance as these young people grow and develop into our next generation of citizens and leaders.

National Mentoring Month in Santa Fe gives us the opportunity to highlight quality mentoring programs that produce these positive benefits, and to support the Mayor’s vision of developing year-round strategies to grow our City’s capacity to ensure that every young person in Santa Fe who needs a mentor is connected to a caring adult. For more information on these programs, visit

To support this declaration, the Santa Fe Mentoring and Tutoring Collaborative (SFMT) of Opportunity Santa Fe, a collaborative working group supported by the Santa Fe Community Foundation, promotes mentorship through many forms throughout the community. SFMT’s collective efforts are currently co-lead by Communities In Schools, Santa Fe Public Schools, and Inspire Santa Fe and is composed of over twenty organizations who share the common goal of supporting Santa Fe’s youth through mentorship opportunities. SFMT has held trainings to support tutors in the classroom and trainings to strengthen the bonds between the mentors/tutors and their protégées.

To celebrate National Mentoring Month, on January 24, 2019, SFMT will host an appreciation event in celebration of our citywide volunteers at Tumbleroot Brewery and Distillery. Tumbleroot and local band JJ & the Hooligans will also be donating their time and space to show their gratitude for mentors and tutors. Collectively, we thank our volunteers for their positive impact in our community and the lives of Santa Fe youth.

Research has shown that when matched through quality mentoring programs, mentors can play a powerful role in providing young people with the tools to make responsible decisions, stay focused and engaged in schools, and reduce or avoid risky behavior like skipping school, drug use and other negative activities.

 “[This event] points out how important education is, of course, but also all the different ways in which education can be delivered,” Mayor Webber said during the 2018 Festival of Learning. “There tends to be a notion that education looks like one thing, done one way, in one place, for everybody. What’s so wonderful about mentoring is it breaks away from this one-size-fits-all model and suggests there’s a different way to engage in both teaching and learning. That the people who are the mentors learn as much as the proteges. By the end of the day, everyone has gained from this experience.”


About Opportunity Santa Fe

Bringing together hundreds of cross-sector partners with aspirational goals and collective actions, Opportunity Santa Fe is an ambitious response to the call to do better by our children and youth as a whole community.   The joint collective impact effort is supported by the Santa Fe Community Foundation and the City of Santa Fe, with many community partners working together as Collaborative Working Groups to improve outcomes in a focused area across birth to career.  For more information about Opportunity Santa Fe please visit or email .