Press Release: Inspiring Math for students and supporting our teachers

January 2, 2019

SFPS Teachers at a MathAmgios Math Teacher Workshop

Released by Opportunity Santa Fe

January 2, 2019

Santa Fe, New Mexico – MathAmigos is expanding its efforts to support teachers in the Santa Fe Public Schools. The MathAmigos Collaborative Working Group, supported by Opportunity Santa Fe and the Santa Fe Public Schools, received a grant from the City of Santa Fe’s Children and Youth Commission to host math teacher workshops, individualized coaching sessions, data analysis, family engagement and trainings for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years, building on two pilot workshops they held in spring 2018 with initial funding from the Santa Fe Community Foundation.

MathAmigos, a collaborative group composed of ten volunteers and organizations, passionate about and are experts in math, and administrators from SFPS, has recruited over 30 teachers from five public elementary schools to receive support and training: César Chávez Elementary, El Camino Real Academy, Nina Otero Community School, Ramirez Thomas Elementary School, and Sweeney Elementary School. Elementary teachers, along with instructional coaches, will receive training at three Saturday workshops during the school year, a Summer Math Academy, and continuous support throughout the year.

Trainings consist of fun, innovative sessions, aligned with state standards, that teachers can immediately implement in the classroom. Math specialists in the Santa Fe community are encouraging the use of learning aids such as Cuisenaire rods and Exploding Dots, which are hands-on approaches for exploring basic math operations and fractions, core math skills taught in grades 3 and 4. Teachers also learn about using Math Circles in the classroom to complement traditional mathematics instruction through discovery and invention—constructing mathematics from our innate (and teachable) ability to perceive patterns. Students and teachers learn to investigate mathematics more like a mathematician does.

Teachers have rated the first sessions highly, and especially appreciate the follow-up low key in-class coaching by experienced teacher experts. MathAmigos’ next workshop will be held January 26, 2019, with summer workshops to follow. Supporting our teachers is a major factor in helping our students to succeed.

About Opportunity Santa Fe

Bringing together hundreds of cross-sector partners with aspirational goals and collective actions, Opportunity Santa Fe is an ambitious response to the call to do better by our children and youth as a whole community.   The joint collective impact effort is supported by the Santa Fe Community Foundation and the City of Santa Fe, with many community partners working together as Collaborative Working Groups to improve outcomes in a focused area across birth to career.  

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