MathAmigos partners with five Santa Fe elementary schools to provide math teacher training and Math Family Nights to create a more engaging math landscape.

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Outcome Area: K-12 Success and Youth Resiliency

  • Math Proficiency in 3rd, 8th and 11th grades


The MathAmigos group mobilizes the expertise and resources of five committed community partners to develop strategies to raise mid-level math proficiency, especially for 8th graders, in Santa Fe Public Schools. These partners will form an active collaborative structure for examining data on current math challenges and best practices and for sponsoring SFPS and community activities to raise math awareness and proficiency, including two workshops for math teachers and a special Southside “Math Power” family event

The MathAmigos will look at best practices for math teachers in Santa Fe, create and host professional development workshops for math teachers and host a Family Event on the Southside entitled Math Power.

The MathAmigos CWG addresses the Mentorship, Leadership, and Education goal for improving proficiency in “3rd grade reading and 8th grade math”, which will contribute to higher high school graduation rates.  

Lead Convener: Interfaith Coalition for Public Education, Santa Fe Public Schools

Contact Information

Lynn Bickley,
Gary Clendenen,