¡Santa Fe Convive!

¡Santa Fe Convive! is a collaboration between Many Mothers and Fathers New Mexico, hosted at Gerard’s House. Our mission is connecting parents to resources. We focus on addressing the growing gap of early childhood disparity in Santa Fe County through “teach and talk” workshops, and through peer support groups. Through our workshops, we hope to connect parents to free community service agencies, as well as to other parents, as both of which are sources of ongoing support. We believe that by encouraging peer support groups to organize, form a leadership team amidst each other, and talk regularly on issues that matter most to them, they provide the space for empowerment and leadership to happen from within the communities.

Early Childhood Steering Committee

The purpose of the Early Childhood Steering Committee is to engage in the coordination and promotion of early childhood education activities and complementary services, to serve as a community voice in the formulation of early childhood goals and objectives, and to identify other such services and activities as deemed necessary by our members.