Collaborative Working Groups

COLLABORATIVE WORKING GROUPs (CWGs) promote cross-sector collaboration for better, more sustainable results. These groups of cross-sector stakeholders come together to plan and execute on improving outcomes aligned with the shared vision and goals of Opportunity Santa Fe. There are 16 Collaborative Working Groups. Some already have long histories of collaboration (e.g., the Early Childhood Steering Committee), while others have been newly formed to fill gaps in areas where limited collaboration exists despite the needs.

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The Santa Fe birth to Career Collaboration is a collective impact effort made up of committed leaders and stakeholders dedicated to achieving birth to career success for all Santa Fe children, families, and communities by aligning our strategies, actions, and resources to improve outcomes across the birth to career continuum in Santa Fe County.  

The shared vision for SF B2C is Birth to Career Success for all Santa Fe children, families and communities by achieving:  

  • Successful Transitions across the birth to career continuum for all children / students by ensuring readiness, support and completion across stages
  • Wellbeing for vulnerable children and families by providing coordinated, two-generational wraparound support to help them thrive and succeed in school
  • Equity in opportunities for children and families by addressing critical resource gaps in high poverty, high risk schools and communities.


The Early Childhood Steering Committee (ECSC)
Outcome Area: Early Childhood Success
The Early Childhood Steering Committee (ECSC) is a collection of organizations focused on providing services to children from birth through age 5. The ECSC plans to continue development and improvement of United Way Santa Fe County Early Learning Center at Kaune programs and to increase number of Santa Fe County families served. They will also continue their support for universal 3 & 4-year old full-day Pre-K care, and a community-wide effort to increase infant and toddler care capacity. Along with supporting the healthy development of 0-3-year-olds and the expansion of prenatal care and home visiting programs, they will develop a data collection and analysis system to evaluate impact of Pre-K and home visiting.

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¡Santa Fe Convive!
Outcome Area: Early Childhood Success 

¡Santa Fe Convive! reaches expectant and new parents with information about perinatal, prenatal, and early childhood health, education, and services through monthly resource meetings held at Gerard’s House. Seeing the need for greater services the group has added a second monthly resource meeting at La Familia’s Southside Clinic that will include access to medical care providers for children’s checkups and wellness checks for parents. They have also added a parenting group, hosted at Many Mothers, which will focus on reducing isolation for parents, building their resilience as they find a sense of community with each other. ¡Santa Fe Convive! will also provide vouchers to the “Many Mothers Village Closet” for indigent families so they can obtain necessary items for babies 0-3.

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The Reading Group
Outcome Area: K-12 Success and Youth Resiliency

The Reading Group focuses on K-12 success by improving third-grade reading proficiency. The group’s goal is to align the efforts of public and private educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, and funders in support of a community-wide collective impact plan that ensures support for all young struggling readers, and helps create a culture of reading in Santa Fe. Our aspirational goal is to see proficiency levels continue to increase by supporting students, teachers, and parents in creating and fostering a culture of reading in Santa Fe.

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The MathAmigos Collaborative Working Group
Outcome Area: K-12 Success and Youth Resiliency  

MathAmigos unites 6 community partners to engage parents and families in math success for 650 Grade 3-4 children in 5 high challenge Airport Corridor elementary schools: Cesar Chavez, El Camino Real, Nina Otero, Ramirez Thomas, and Sweeney.  Their mission is to empower children first, parents, and lifelong teachers, to support math achievement at home and in school. MathAmigos is focusing on Grades 3 and 4 teachers and children given the wide recognition by SFPS leadership, teachers, and tutors that SFPS 8th grade students have marked deficiencies in the math foundational skills so essential to middle school, high school, and college and career success.

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The Community Educators Network (CEN)
Outcome Area: K-12 Success and Youth Resiliency

Members of the Santa Fe Community Educators Network (CEN) are a group of informal educators committed to: the power of collaboration to successfully impact our community by creating and sharing resources; promoting and providing informal experiential education to address community needs; professional development as a vehicle to strengthen our community; and providing open access to our institutional experiences and content. The CEN collaborates to provide innovative afterschool, in school, and summer programming to benefit youth in Santa Fe.

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STEM Scaffold Santa Fe (S)
Outcome Area: K-12 Success, Youth Resiliency

STEM Scaffold Santa Fe is a commitment among educational and youth development groups to work together to recruit, train and place caring local STEM college students and STEM professionals in sustained high school mentorship programs in accordance with our mission; to see that every Santa Fe
high school student has the preparation necessary to succeed in a STEM college/certificate program. We follow established best practices; that STEM role models can best reinforce the family/school scaffold through listening, trust building and working together on meaningful projects.

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Truancy Collaborative Working Group
Outcome Area: K-12 Success and Youth Resiliency  ​​

The Truancy Collaborative Working Group was created in an effort to increase attendance and improve graduation rates in Santa Fe Public Schools. Through this group, annual attendance measures are created and carried out, students and parents are recognized for positive and improved attendance, staff is offered professional development to assist in identifying and supporting the students and behaviors, and students/families are evaluated based on their need and assisted with resources from collaborating community providers. With these efforts in place, the hope is that there is an increase of parental engagement and community support that leads to the aspirational goal of a 95 percent attendance rate and an 80 percent graduation rate by the year 2020.

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Reconnecting Santa Fe Youth (formerly Bridging the Disconnected Youth)
Outcome Area: Youth Resiliency and Career Pathways

The Reconnecting Santa Fe Youth CWG is focused on the prevention and re-engagement of Disconnected Youth. The CWG mission is to reduce the number and percent of youth between the ages of 16-24 disconnected from school and jobs. Building on the data collected during the 2017 Reconnecting Youth Survey, the CWG will host youth focus groups to discuss the data and prioritize the community needs. Civic Engagement and Advocacy training will be facilitated to youth who are recruited and selected from a wide variety of youth agencies to engage as a Reconnecting Youth Civic Engagement Team. This Reconnecting Youth Civic Engagement Team will gain the leadership skills and voice through these training workshops to empower them to speak out to policy makers, officials, panels and community agencies to promote awareness and the need for solutions and change in areas of high need as revealed through the Reconnecting Youth Survey Results.

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Campus Connection
Outcome Area: Post-Secondary Success 

The Santa Fe Community College, Santa Fe Public Schools, Santa Fe community Foundation, City of Santa Fe and the Interfaith Coalition for Public Education are partnered together in the Campus Connection Collaborative Working Group. The goal of this project is to increase the percent of SFPS high school graduates who enroll in college by exposing to and engaging high school students with the Santa Fe Community College.

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Career Santa Fe (formerly Skill Up Santa Fe)
Outcome Area: Post-Secondary Success and Career Pathways 

Career Santa Fe (formerly Skill Up) brings together workforce-oriented nonprofits, businesses and the city to bring about change for the emerging workforce. The key components Skill Up Santa Fe was to address the gaps in equity, access and opportunities to internships. Many of the lower income learners have no connections to opportunity, and that is one of the aspirational goals we feel is critical to move ahead on this work. Therefore, in this grant cycle they want to specifically address a complete solution for providing internships and training stipends and opportunities for individuals for their lifetime postsecondary and career success.

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TechHire Task Force
Outcome Area: Career Pathways and Workforce Development

The TechHire Tasks Force was organized to strengthen the local Technology and Emergent Media economy and is committed to expanding Tech and Media education, enterprise, and employment in our region. The CWG is working collectively and across sectors to improve Tech and Media education, training, and certification opportunities, to align educational programs with business needs, to expand Tech and Media camps, after-school programs, workshops, and professional development opportunities, to strengthen Tech and Media apprenticeships, internships, and mentorships opportunities, to develop Tech and Media resources online and offline, and to promote local Tech and Media career awareness, outreach, and community engagement.

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Creating a Trauma Informed Community
Outcome Area: Community Engagement and Wrap-Around Support

The Creating a Trauma Informed Community CWG will be established and will immediately commence to address issues of trauma and child well-being and determine how the City of Santa Fe, Santa Fe Public Schools and the non-profit community can collaborate to make ours a trauma informed community. 

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The Collaboration for Student and Parent Leadership: Poder Familiar
Outcome Area: Community Engagement

The Collaboration for Student & Parent Leadership Working Group is composed of organizations with a strong background in engaging the community. Its’ mission is to equip students and parents with the tools, information, and opportunities they need to lead education reform efforts from the ground up in order to improve student success, cultivate community leadership, and advance educational equity. The focus of this collaborative is to build the capacity and support the leadership of parents and students from low-income and minority backgrounds. Poder Familiar will do this by engaging and working with parents and students to identify strategies to help their families succeed in school with academic proficiency and connect to in and out of school engagement opportunities in safe environments. 

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