Santa Fe Community Educators Network


In order to meet the needs of Santa Fe youth, the Santa Fe Community Educators’ Network members will work in concert to provide outcome driven programming in and out of school hours.  Groups involved with informal education will meet monthly to discuss a variety of topics.  Groups include cultural organizations, foundations, environmental organizations, and public school representatives. 

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Outcome Area: K-12 Success and Youth Resiliency

  • Out-of-School Time
  • Attendance
  • High school Graduation
  • Reading Proficiency in 3rd grade

  • Description 
    This collaborative group will identify and bring together organizations that provide programming in and out of school.  The group will establish common goals, which will follow best practices and encourage the use of internal assessments to further hone programming.  This collaboration is a foundation for future work, which will involve a more strategic alignment of programming to address the needs of the Santa Fe community and reduce duplicate services.  It will also become a first step toward organizations creating cohesive strands of programming that could be followed across multiple grades.

    Meeting Dates
    The last Friday of every month, 12-1pm

    Lead ConvenersGeorgia O’Keeffe Museum, SITE Santa Fe, Santa Fe Botanical Gardens,
    Other Members:  New Mexico Audubon, School of Advanced Research, New Mexico MESA, New Mexico History Museum, New Mexico Museum of Art, Art House, Interfaith Coalition for Public Education, International Museum of Folk Art, EEANM, New Mexico Museum of Natural History, Girls Inc, Wise Fool, Art Smart, Art Works, Santa Fe Watershed Association and many other community partners

    Contact Information

    Mollie Parsons, Education Director at the Santa Fe Botanical Garden,