Why Soft Skills Are the Key to Growing Santa Fe’s Economy

OSF Team/ February 20, 2019/ K-12 Education, Post Secondary

Guest Blog: Jamai Blivin | CEO of Innovate+Educate | February 20, 2019 A recent survey of over 130 Santa Fe employers revealed the strongest need in the workplace is for “soft” skills. Sometimes called “professional skills” or “21st century skills,” soft skills include communication, critical thinking, customer service, adaptability, and leadership—competencies needed in 90 percent of jobs across the globe. Yet

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How Mentorship Can Change Our Economic Future

OSF Team/ January 24, 2019/ K-12 Education, Post Secondary

Guest Blog: Todd Lopez | Director, Inspire Santa Fe | January 24, 2019 Most young people have never had a mentor and, as a society, too often we leave the opportunity for mentoring relationships to chance. City of Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber has embarked on a bold goal. Within four years, the City has pledged to provide an adult mentor

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It Takes More Than a Village, It Takes a Community

OSF Team/ December 13, 2018/ K-12 Education

by Sarah Raine Cheney | AmeriCorps VISTA, Team Leader | December 13, 2018 We are familiar with the phrase “It takes a village to raise a child.” While it may be cliche, it holds a lot of truth. One of Santa Fe’s strengths as a community is our “village ability”. At Opportunity Santa Fe we see people and organizations coming together

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After-school In the Gardens

OSF Team/ November 7, 2018/ K-12 Education

by Dana Greenblatt, AmeriCoprs VISTA | November 11, 2018 What’s more exciting for students than taking a break from the classroom? Getting out of their desks and putting their hands straight into the dirt! This became a reality for students who attend Sweeney Elementary’ s after-school program on a sunny September afternoon. When I arrived at the Santa Fe Botanical Gardens,

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MathAmigos Inspiring Teachers

OSF Team/ October 31, 2018/ K-12 Education

by Penny Holcomb, AmeriCorps VISTA | October 31, 2018 On Saturday, October 20, MathAmigos hosted a day-long workshop for 27 teachers from the five Airport Road corridor schools: Sweeney Elementary, El Camino Real Academy, Cesar Chavez Elementary, Ramirez Thomas Elementary, and Nina Otero Community School. The collaborative working group’s goal was to empower teachers to inspire their students to love math.

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A Room to Read

OSF Team/ October 4, 2018/ K-12 Education

by Dana Greenblatt, AmeriCorps VISTA | October 4, 2018 Amidst the flurry of fall leaves and the bustle of tourists enjoying our downtown plaza, 64 third graders from Sweeney Elementary eagerly filed off their buses and into the beautiful halls of the Inn of the Anasazi. The children whispered in excitement as they walked through the halls and into the cozy

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They Came, They Saw, They Volunteered

OSF Team/ September 17, 2018/ Disconnected Youth, Early Childhood Education, K-12 Education, Post Secondary

Molly Timmins, Opportunity Santa Fe Program Coordinator | September 17, 2018 Growing up I always volunteered– through Key Club, Circle K International, Kiwanis and with numerous nonprofits across New York, Maryland, and New Mexico. By being a part of a service club, it made finding volunteer opportunities that matched my interests and skills, easy and accessible. However, for others, finding the

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Every Day Matters – Attendance Counts!

OSF Team/ August 31, 2018/ K-12 Education

by Ellie Hoffman, AmeriCorps VISTA | August 31, 2018 Hello September! For me, September brings to mind cool mornings and the start of pumpkin season. It also means that school is back in full swing. The routines that we begin early in the school year can determine what kind of year we’ll have. School attendance is an indicator of many measures

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Summer of Literacy

OSF Team/ August 21, 2018/ K-12 Education

Desta Shaw, AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate | August 21, 2018 During the time I was a summer VISTA I worked at May Center Elementary School. May Center serves exceptional students from preschool through eighth grade, specializing in those with learning differences such as dyslexia, ADHD, and language processing disorders. They strive for their students to be seen and heard with about

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Ready, Set, Read!

OSF Team/ August 20, 2018/ Early Childhood Education, K-12 Education

By Dana Greenblatt, AmeriCorps VISTA | August 20, 2018 For volunteers who arrived early Sunday morning to set up the Community Book Swap at the Santa Fe Place Mall, it seemed as if the stream of book boxes being unloaded would never end! While the majority of books from the March swap were generated from donation boxes placed in local schools,

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