We know that healthy, productive and well-rounded young people give back and can help sustain our community into the future. But many children and youth face challenges during key transitions in their lives. Over the past years, Santa Fe’s providers, organizations and institutions have been listening to families, learning about their needs and ideas and collaborating to address challenges. Opportunity Santa Fe is about sharing aspirational goals and aligning our community’s resources, support networks and providers around children and youth to best support them on a path to success. When families and young people do well, our community as a whole does too.

Why Opportunity Santa Fe – video remark by Mayor Javier Gonzales


Birth to Career
Research shows that there are key moments throughout a young person’s life that influence their path to success as an adult. Opportunity Santa Fe focuses on five critical areas: early childhood; k-12 success with youth resiliency; post-secondary success; prevention and re-engagement for disconnected youth; and career pathways and workforce development. In each of these areas we have set aspirational goals for the year 2020 and beyond that as a community we are working to reach.

Collective Impact
Opportunity Santa Fe has adopted a collective impact approach. We believe that we can accomplish much more together than we can alone.  Learn more about collective impact.

Santa Fe has many organizations throughout the community working with families to address their needs and unique circumstances with support programs that can make a difference in their lives and in the lives of their children. Opportunity Santa Fe builds upon this history of service and collaboration keeping community engagement at the core of our work.

Opportunity Santa Fe’s collaboration of diverse partners and community members ensures we cover those key transitions from birth to career. Opportunity Santa Fe partners share a vision, goals and proven tools to expand opportunities for Santa Fe children to succeed.

Our work is focused on tangible progress. Our data and resource strategy enables data-driven strategic alignments, collective actions and continuous learning as a community to improve birth to career outcomes in Santa Fe. Learn more at our data hub.