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ProSkills participant Anais Silva-Martinez.

Career Santa Fe and Campus Connections hosted a six-week ProSkills Boot Camp pilot program and trained 20 young adults to help businesses get up to speed with online marketing and social media business promotion. The participants held paid internships with 12 varied businesses throughout Santa Fe. This pilot program has left a positive impact on the lives of the young adults and their futures in multiple ways, including employment, mentorship, and opportunities that were otherwise unattainable. 

The Early Childhood Steering Committee (ECSC) members identified both high-quality early childhood education and care and multi-generational approaches as key to early childhood success. Members have been in ongoing discussions about ways to expand navigation services to families and provide support to families of young children. Over the last six months ECSC has intensified and broadened navigation services to meet family needs and support children during the pandemic. ECSC is proud of the way its members continually showed up at ECSC meetings to support each other and share information/resources to reach more families. 

Poder Familiar’s initiatives pivoted in March toward a community response to the pandemic and its health and economic impacts. Our YUCCA (Youth United for Climate Crisis Action) leaders, along with several sister organizations, created through the Santa Fe Mutual Aid Network, focused on getting food, medicine, cash and PPE to individuals and families in the area. Poder Familiar also created a Share My Check campaign which redistributed cash resources to people denied aid by the federal government due to immigration status. This has been a tremendous effort, supporting over 800 members, and staffed by dozens of volunteers. This is the type of community building effort that supports all OSF goals. 

In July, Santa Fe ¡Convive! told the story of how Gerard’s House and Many Mothers utilized funding to support a family: Gerard’s House (GH) worked with a young mom with a two-month-old baby. Her husband was deported right after Covid began, and with such a young baby, the mom wasn’t able to find work. She quickly fell behind on rent and could not qualify for government assistance. GH used funding to pay for half of her rent and found another agency to match the second half of the rent. Knowing that her rent would be paid took so much emotional stress off the new mom. Now she has a job, and another mom is helping with her baby while she works. Although the mom continues to struggle as a single-parent, single-income family, at least her life has stabilized since receiving Convive’s assistance. 

TechHire working group.

The TechHire TechWorks working group teamed with the City of Santa Fe Office of Economic Development and CommUNITY Learning Network to help bring the Facebook Career Connections pilot project to Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. Although the pandemic forced all efforts to move online, 100 college students in northern New Mexico participated last spring in online mentorship and virtual training in communications and digital media marketing. That training was followed by more than two months of online paid summer internships with regional businesses and non-profits, supported by WIOA (Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) funding and collaboration with state and city agencies and regional organizations.  

The Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) group is proud of providing a resource to the community where people can gather and learn about resources and be supported in their efforts to infuse their practice (teaching or counseling) with the principles of trauma-informed care. One accomplishment is the infusion of youth leadership in our meetings. TIC leader Julia Bergen was contacted last winter by two high school students who were interested in learning more about TIC. She invited them and their school counselor to our meetings and the girls became active participants in the meetings. 

For the Truancy Collaborative Working Group (TCWG) the biggest accomplishment during this year was aligning each of the lead agencies and gaining such strong community support for their planned efforts. Though the original plans of the TCWG did not work out due to COVID-19, the partnerships created have remained strong and communication has continued to be consistent among partners throughout these months of crisis.  

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