Sarah Cheney/ June 26, 2020/ K-12 Education


With the emergence of COVID-19, MathAmigos has had to rethink how to offer innovative strategies to Santa Fe’s public elementary school teachers and come up with creative ways to reach Santa Fe’s public school children so they can experience the joys of learning math.

Beginning in March, MathAmigos (a collaborative working group of Opportunity Santa Fe) has pivoted away from its more traditional in-person approach and started utilizing online strategies for reaching teachers, children, and their families: 

  • MathAmigos has expanded bilingual resources available on their website ( New bilingual resources include “Fun Math Activities,” “Literacy in Math,” and “Stories With Math,” all of which provide creative strategies for teachers to reach students outside the classroom setting, and allow easy ways for parents to incorporate math into their children’s daily lives.
  • Knowing that online instruction requires a special set of skills, MathAmigos has conducted three online training sessions for its teacher coaches and instructors, enabling them to utilize effective online teaching strategies when training teachers.
  • Since mid-March and for the duration of the school year, MathAmigos collaborated with teachers and administrators at El Camino Real Academy to host weekly online Math Circles sessions for ECRA elementary school students.
  • Coordinating with Community Educators Network partners, MathAmigos in May supplied 2,134 packets of fun math activities to families at elementary school meal pick-up sites throughout the city and plans to supply even more math activity packets to children during CEN’s summer program. 
  • For years MathAmigos has been working with Santa Fe Public Schools and other community partners to develop and provide enriching learning experiences for elementary and middle school children through SFPS’s “21st Century Learning Centers.” Now they are helping make the shift from after-school to remote learning centers.
  • The working group is collaborating with the Santa Fe Public Library in planning its first Virtual Summer Reading Program, “Imagine Your Story,” by providing math expertise and funding to purchase books that integrate literacy and math.
  • MathAmigos provided early childhood math expertise and funding to support a project led by Expanding Opportunity for Young Families to create 450 early childhood education learning kits which were distributed to low-income families in early June.
  • At New Mexico’s Public Education Department’s annual STEM Symposium in early June, MathAmigos presented sessions on innovative math strategies to public school teachers throughout the state, thus expanding their outreach far beyond the boundaries of Santa Fe.

MathAmigos continues to adapt to the changes brought about by COVID-19 by cultivating dynamic strategies and tools so elementary school children can experience the joys of learning math – both inside and outside the classroom. Go to www.MathAmigos.orgfor more information.

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