OSF Team/ March 7, 2018/ Disconnected Youth, K-12 Education


Teya Martinez, Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board member and Santa Fe Prep student | March 7, 2018

The Teen Job Fair was a success and an incredible experience, I really enjoyed being able to give back to our community. It was great seeing youth and adults coming together wanting to make a change in our community. That is what this program is all about. Seeing them make an effort to come in and [get a jump start on their summer job search] is absolutely amazing. Once youth, like myself, come and they see that the Job Fair, and the future Job Center, is a welcoming environment they will spread the word to their friends and we will get to reach more of the people we are trying to target. The morning session was really busy and quite a few teens showed up. The people who were working the [job and resource] tables were super friendly and welcoming to the kids that were coming up to them. I went to a few tables myself and learned about things I didn’t even know were being offered to teens throughout Santa Fe. I truly believe that the next Teen Job Fair will be just as great, if not better with the team that helped put it on. I loved seeing teens my age come out because they were truly interested in getting a job and getting help filling out their resume and its something they want to know how to do. The youth of Santa Fe really want to get involved they just do not know where to start. With this program, we will help the youth get involved, stay connected and feel like they are apart of this great community we live in. I honestly can’t wait for the next job fair, I know it will be a huge success.


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