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February 21, 2018

After 10 weeks of classes, a cohort of 8 dedicated Abriendo Puertas students celebrated graduation. The curriculum focused on educating and empowering parents as leaders. Each parent in the course committed to learning about healthy physical and emotional development, positive communication, academic preparation, language learning, and advocating for children’s rights. Over the course of the ten classes, the weekly sessions became more than a class; they were safe spaces in which problems parents faced could be shared and action could be taken as a community. They were opportunities to share resources. They were the catalyst for voices to be heard and for leadership to develop.

Many family members attended the graduation, where the cap-and-gown-wearing students shared about their journeys as parents. One mother explained that in the past, she was quick to become angry with her kids; she is now in the habit of pausing to think before reacting. Another mother shared that her communication with her kids has improved – she is now more aware of their emotions and takes time to listen. One couple has begun advocating for their son who has experienced challenges at his school. The celebration concluded with the granting of Abriendo Puertas diplomas and sharing a (delicious) meal together.

The graduates will have the option to receive training and become maestras who facilitate the course to a new cohort of parents. The graduates will continue to meet regularly, working together to make their voices heard and improve outcomes for the children in our community.

Abriendo Puertas Graduation

Six of the eight Abriendo Puertas graduates with course organizer Miguel Acosta. (Two parents are not pictured.)

Abriendo Purertos Graduation

Abriendo Purertas Graduation

Abriendo Purertas Graduation

Maestras who taught this course. These women graduated from Abriendo Puertas last summer.

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