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Molly Timmins, AmeriCorps VISTA Leader | January 8, 2018

The majority of kids on waiting lists for a mentor are boys. This is true nationally and right here in Santa Fe. Think about your own life — did you have a mentor in your life growing up? What sort of men helped guide you? A father, coach, uncle, a caring teacher? Would you be where you are now without this person? Now, it’s your turn to pass the ball.

Do you like movies, bowling, baseball, video games, exploring Santa Fe, or engaging in anything fun? So do the young boys here in Santa Fe who just need the right adult in their life who can introduce new things and engage in fun activities with them. Big Brothers Big Sisters Mountain Region is a great program for this! Do you have a super cool job or passion that you could share with a youth? Check out the Inspire Santa Fe or Monte del Sol mentorship programs! You can develop the next big addition to your field — in the form of a mentee. Are you amazed (or infuriated) by the state of education in New Mexico? You can make a difference by volunteering with Communities in SchoolsSFPS Adelante, and so many more organizations as a tutor. Tutors are role models who have a hand in youth education and success, helping to shape their future.

As a mentor or tutor, you can be a coach, a friend, and a role model. You can make a difference in the life of a boy who is raised in a single family household, who is living in poverty, or who just needs a friend. How cool would it be to know you influenced a child’s life? Visit sfmentortutor.org to find the right program for you!

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