Summer of Literacy


Desta Shaw, AmeriCorps VISTA Summer Associate | August 21, 2018

During the time I was a summer VISTA I worked at May Center Elementary School. May Center serves exceptional students from preschool through eighth grade, specializing in those with learning differences such as dyslexia, ADHD, and language processing disorders. They strive for their students to be seen and heard with about five to seven students per class. During my time at the May Center I noticed how kind, determined and passionate each teacher is to teach these students; it inspires me and make me consider becoming a teacher.

At the May Center I would give a Sequential English Education (SEE) lesson where I would help teach a child how to recognize letters such as p,t,f,n,g by the look and sound it makes in a word. I would also give reading assessments to two children. In the afternoon I would assist the art teacher and the kids used clay, wood pieces, and paint to make a community where they made people, animals, and plants. Before my time as a VISTA I thought I knew the full extent a teacher went through, this experience taught me that a teacher is the most dedicated person to their work and even working at home to get everything done to teach in the best possible way.

Desta was a part of Opportunity Santa Fe’s Summer Associate Program, serving as a Literacy Associate. In addition to her time spent at the May Center, Desta provided literacy programming at The Reading Group’s collaboration with The Food Depot’s LunchBox Express program. Desta and Fiona played word Jenga with the kids and helped them create stories or spell their names using word Legos. Read More about the Summer Literacy Associate Program Here.